‘Make up your mind, you won’t divorce’ – Rev. Kisseaddo tells would-be couples


Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo

Marriage counselor, Rev. Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo says marriage deserves serious, solemn consideration of young people at a time when the rate of divorce is reportedly on the rise.

Rev. Kisseadoo told prospective couples that “you must make up your mind I am not going to divorce”, a key resolution in any marriage.

He said once divorce is a non-negotiable non-option, the couples then have imposed a task of making whatever reasonable adjustments and concessions necessary, to make the marriage work.

He acknowledged that while making a marriage work is not as simple as it sounds, God who turned water into wine and caused water to gush out of a rock can put life into a depressing or a deflated marriage.

The marriage counsellor lamented that too many young people enter marriage “looking for a finished product”. They have the mentality of a butterfly, he said.

The butterfly does not commit to eat one fruit but loves to hop from fruit to fruit looking for satisfaction just as some Christians hop from church to church in what he condemned as spiritual prostitution.

Explaining the need for couples to appreciate their differences, Rev. Kisseaddo said deep frustrations in marriage are usually down to the failure to meet needs.

“If you don’t understand differences, you will not meet needs” he said on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Tuesday, ahead of the annual Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair.

The counsellor touched on four kinds of adjustments that a married couple will have to make towards each other.

“Adjust to strength, adjust to weakness, adjust to sins and adjust to unfamiliar ones”

He dwelt on adjustment to sins and stressed that partners need not put their husbands or wives on a pedestal above sin. By being humans, everyone is capable of the worst of sins, he noted.

He said adjustment to unfamiliar ones are those little differences in upbringing and other idiosyncrasies.

He said he loves playing his music at dawn which his wife did not like and he also struggles with hot food which his wife does not.

These little differences ought not be blown out of proportion but rather appreciated and the necessary adjustments made.

Rev. Kiseadoo will be speaking at Joy FM’s Beauty and Bridal Fair which begins June 29 to July 2 from 8am to 8pm daily at the Accra International Conference Center.

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