Lack of strong institutions contribute to challenges in Energy sector


May 23, 2017


The lack of strong institutions in the energy sector has contributed to challenges currently being experienced in the sector, the Africa Center for Energy Policy (ACEP) has said.

The Executive Director of ACEP, Mr. Ben Boakye said, it is important for measures to be put in place to enable energy-sector institutions to be independent and firm in their convictions on a government decision on issues relating to the sector.

Mr. Boakye told participants at the National Policy Summit in Accra that : “What we have seen in the past is institutions that cannot stand up to the minister and say this is wrong and therefore we have to go the technical that they would recommend. Most often when the ministry when someone wants an oil block, regardless of the advice that is granted by the institutions, it is the decision of the ministry that will stand.”

“I think that thinking through how you achieve these laudable policies, we have to see how we can make these institutions real technical entities that will advise the ministry on how to deliver for the good of our country,” he said.

The Petroleum Commission, The Energy Commission and the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission are some of the institutions in the energy sector charged with providing technical advice but according to ACEP, they have failed over the years to influence decisions of the ministry. He is, therefore, calling on the Ministry to assist in strengthening these institutions and taking into consideration their advice on key government decisions.

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